About Me

I am a lecturer in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Academic City University College, Accra Ghana and I hold a BSc degree in Financial Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Science with a specialization in Big Data and Financial Mathematics. I am rounding up my second masters degree with the prestigious Africa Masters in Machine Intelligence sponsored by Google and Facebook. I am the co-founder of Women Promoting Science to the younger Generation (WPSYG) and hail from the Northern part of Ghana which happens to be a region that remains underprivileged when it comes to women in STEM and ICT in Ghana. However, I have risen above the odds to gain a Master’s in mathematics and have been engaged in several activities that seeks to promote more women in STEM. Due to my active participation and promotion of women in STEM, I was voted among the 20 Most influential people in Northern Ghana, STEM Category. Additionally, I am a co-organizer of Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Accra chapter. I have also been a recipient of several awards and grants including the Mastercard Foundation scholars grant, Alumnode grant from Germany and MIT Prize, and google awards during Indaba in Kenya and Indabax Ghana respectively. I envision a future where people will be assessed based on their skill set rather than their gender.

Research Interests

My research interests include but not limited to:

Talks and Presentations