About Me

Deborah .D. Kanubala is an NLP Engineer at Proto and also the co-organizer for the WiMLDS Accra-Ghana chapter and the co-founder of Women Promoting Science to the younger Generation (WPSYG). She is currently enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Saarland in Germany. Prior to this, she was a lecturer in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Academic City University College, Accra Ghana. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Financial Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Science with a specialization in Big Data and Financial Mathematics. In addition, she recently completed her second masters degree with the prestigious Africa Masters in Machine Intelligence sponsored by Google and Facebook. She hails from the Northern part of Ghana which happens to be a region that remains underprivileged when it comes to women in STEM and ICT in Ghana. However, she has risen above the odds to gain a Master’s in mathematics and have been engaged in several activities that seeks to promote more women in STEM. Due to her active participation and promotion of women in STEM, she was voted among the 20 Most influential people in Northern Ghana, STEM Category. Also, she was listed among 80 African Women Advancing Artificial Intelligence in Africa and the World. Ms.Kanubala has been a recipient of several awards and grants including the Mastercard Foundation scholars grant, Alumnode grant from Germany and MIT Prize, and google awards during Indaba in Kenya and Indabax Ghana respectively. She envision a future where people will be assessed based on their skill set rather than their gender.

Research Interests

My research interests include but not limited to:

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